CompetitiOnline Archello Falstaff Selection

project type construction of a winery

location Neustadt an der Weinstraße, GER

client Weingut Bergdolt-Reif & Nett

architecture Architects Collective

gross floor area  4.500 m²

completion 2017

The new Nett winery in the Pfalz wine region of Germany covers all production processes of wine and consists of two long-stretched halls and an intermediate roofed passage. The western hall consists of a tasting room and offices and overlooks the classified Mandelberg vineyards. Behind this spaces is the barrel room and the wine tank hall and in the south is the living area of ​​the family. The eastern hall consists of bottled wines and various storage areas. Between them is the multi-functional passage that includes temporary uses such as pressing, fermentation, sedimentation and space for mobile bottling. The structure frame of the buildings consist of concrete columns and wooden beams. The outer shell covers all production and other functions under one big roof with generous overhangs in the south and north. The exterior walls and the roofs are made of prefabricated highly-insulated timber elements. The exterior walls are clad with large Shou Sugi-Ban wood panels. A traditional japanese wooden technique in which the surface of the wood is protected by charring. The roofs includes three sheds to bring light and air into the interior of the halls and the passage. In contrast the interior walls, including the front ends outer walls of the halls, are used for insulated pumice concrete elements and function as a climatic storage. The building is surrounded with trees, shrubs, grasses and meadows that merge into the natural landscape in the mixed cultural landscape of vineyards, fields and pastureland.