project type construction of an office and housing complex

invited competition 2nd price 2016

location Vienna, AUT

architect Architects Collective

net floor area 35.000 m²

WOLKE ZWEI is a building complex, whose irregular volumes allow a variety of different uses. It adapts to its surroundings and enters into dialogue with the same. Due to its characteristic design vocabulary and its recognition value it constitutes a prominent entrée into the newly developed "Viertel Zwei"-quarter which is located next to a harness racing track.The project is clearly divided into two distinct buildings; the housing complex with mixed uses in its base on the one side and a multi-functional building which is mainly conceived as a school but thanks to its flexible construction principle also allows housing and office uses on the other side. The different neighborhoods, such as the former horse stalls in the South, the skyscrapers in the East or the metro station in the North demand different urban approaches. On the northern edge, oriented towards the evolved city, a clear, urban, almost hard edge is formulated that appears orderly and steady. The southern edge in contrast presents itself lower and in a more dissolved manner, reacting on the smaller scale of the former horse stalls and the area that is more introvert and quiet. The dissolved architectural forms and the irregular facade elements assure a respectful and individual relation towards the existing horse stalls which are partly protected as a historic monument.