project type construction of a hospital and parking deck

location Salzburg, AUT

client SALK

architecture Architects Collective

gross floor area 27.000m²

competition 2010

construction cost € 50.000.000

The design is arranged so that the buildings and circulation spaces work logistically well during all stages of construction, and so that no temporary structures are necessary at any time. The first construction phase includes the first stage of parking as well as a laboratory building at the eastern end of the site. These structures are designed so that they will not impede the workings of the existing buildings to the west. The second stage of construction includes the first of the two main wings; built parallel to Rudolf-Biebl-Strasse, as well as an extension of the parking garage begun in stage one. During this period a temporary green space would be created between the street and the main building. The third stage of building would see the parking garage extended nearly to Rudolf-Biebl-Strasse, and the second wing of the Western building added along with bridge connections between the two wings. These two wings are staggered to create a wider opening where they meet the parking garage in order to emphasize the main entrance and create a focal point for people entering the campus from the west. Since the parking complex is much lower than the main building, sufficient natural light enters the central courtyard from the north and south.