project type renovation and extension of a highschool

location Eisenstadt, AUT

client Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG)

architect Architects Collective

structural engineer Gmeiner Haferl ZT GmbH

building technology Peter Palme

gross floor area 25.000 m2

construction cost € 18.350.000

The new school building (new addition) and dormitory (rooftop extension) correspond, with its height and volume, to the existing and surrounding buildings. The recessed top floors of the school and the dormitory to the south respect the low existing buildings. Additionally, the corner of the new school building is accentuated by displacing the highest point to the corner of the site. Thereby the important urban crossroad of the local parliament and main street is marked by the new structure. The main entrance is orientated to the main street and resembles the head of the school. In this analogy the existing building is like a torso to the proposed addition.  The new building functions as the extension of the public space and makes the school activity visible in the public space. The rooms for after-school supervision, the classes for theory and music and the gyms are situated in the new building. Therefore the building can be used for after-school or evening activities which have many organizational, security and energy advantages.  The new building works like a linchpin in the building arrangement and communicates between the public space, existing building and the adjacent dormitory. The central corridor of the existing building is extended in west direction and leads to the multi-storey atrium and the main entrance. The existing dormitory building to the north is to be renovated with an additional roof top extension. By reconfiguring the main entrance with a ramp and a lift all rooms are handicap accessible. All rooms are designed as 2-, and 3-bed rooms with individual sanitary rooms including a toilet, shower and washbasin; the top floor featuring all new 3-bed rooms. The dining-hall, the administration and the recreation rooms on the basement remain unchanged.