project type construction of a multi-purpose hall

location Tadten, AUT

client mayor of the community of Tadten

architect Architects Collective

planning phases design

gross floor area 1.200 m2

construction cost € 1.200.000

study 2007

The design for the Multi-Purpose Hall  includes the construction of a sportsfacility with restaurant, kitchen and storage. The property is located in the middle of the lentil shaped park surrounded by L-shaped buildings, called Dorfanger, that is typical for this part of Austria and Hungary. The goal for the project was to develop a public living room for the community that should be used in a variety of ways and represent the centre of the life of the village. Parameters like orientation within structure and fabric of the village, natural light, low mantainance costs needed to be taken into account. The building needed to be functional and economic and have a very public nature. The design orientates hall and restaurant in the direction of the Dorfanger thereby extending the internal spaces to the forecourt and the Dorfanger. A long-stretched canopy functions as a rain and sun cover for events in front of the foyer. The arch-shaped floor plan is designed to allow both the restaurant and the hall to have strong visual connections to the middle of the Dorfanger and therefore the public. The ondulating elevations of the building reflect the adjacent Lake Neusiedlersee and its smaller lakes that are unique for this region. This general building form is interrupted by several cuts, to allow visual connections to the Dorfanger and northerly light deep into the event hall, as well as signalling activity at night similar to a lantern.