project type construction of a housing complex

location Himberg, AUT

architect Architects Collective

gross floor area 8.700 m2

competition 2011

For this project concepts were developed to ensure an optimal urban and at the same time energetic, ecological and economical solution for the planning area. The single buildings are characterized by a clear design language and receive its structure and plasticity by a varying arrangement of floor to ceiling glazing, loggias, balconies, terraces and access balconies. The interaction of the volumes is enhanced by colored surfaces at the intersection areas of the buildings, balconies and soffits. Otherwise, the buildings are intentionally more restrained and get their quality through clear detailing and reduction of shape and material. Two arcade houses along the Bahnstraße and Grenzackerstraße define the street space and mark at the crossing area the entrance to the residential park. A semi-public passage crosses the property in east-west direction and connects the internal access roads with the communal, triangular-shaped outdoor areas. These green spaces communicate with the public areas on the south-east corner of the building and offer a variety of community uses, like terraces, playground and toddler playground. The interior of the district is ordered by seven east-west aligned and slightly offset buildings. An alley running parallel to the passage connects the circulation cores of the structures and forms together with the passage and the garden paths a clearly structured path network. Through these means semi-private and public open spaces with differentiated spatial quality are created. Plantings, trees and wooden decks organize the private open spaces and make them available individually.