project type construction of company headquarters

location Wien, AUT

client Immorent

architecture Architects Collective

feasibilty study 2008

gross floor area 150.000 m²  

The new headquarters of the Erste Bank in Vienna consists of a serious of office blocks that are woven together by an ondulating glass roof structure that is the hub of all public functions of this building. This is made possible by its transparency and permeability for a variety of views and passage routes. The green space of the Swiss Garden expands to the foyer of the office center to allow for a meeting of the internal and external spaces of the building as visitors and staff have an opportunity to mix. This creates a communication zone, reflecting the dynamic environment of business today. The offices above are organized to allow for  many work space typologies and can be divided and combined to accommodate new demands. The transparent cover on the ground floor not only provides views to the outside, but displays the company's headquarters to the public as a dynamic space. New forms of space, programmatic combinations, and flexible office building types are designed for this purpose.