project type construction of a healthcare center

location Bad Ischl, AUT

architect Architects Collective

competition 2012

net floor area 14.830 m²

construction costs €15.300.000

The study stipulates a modification of the existing building, a heightening and a lower extension along Gartenstraße. Where necessary, the existing building will be structural adapted, interiors and technical facilities will be new arranged in some areas. The existing one- and two-storey extensions along Gartenstraße will be replaced by an extension containing a dining-hall and the therapy pool. To reach the owners' goal of increasing the amount of beds up to 150, there will be heightenings on the buildings' ends in the upper storeys. The staggered shape of the building will maintain. To ensure escaping in emergency, there are panorama balconies in the east and west of the building combines with emergency staircases. The main entrance is situated in a green front garden, which also contains the cafes' terrace, in Gartenstraße. Therefrom you directly enter the Foyer with reception area. In the north-east area of the building a parking space is located. It provides 25 parking lots, 3 additional barrier-free lots, as well as access for ambulance and fire department vehicles. You also reach the foyer directly from this side entrance. This redesigned foyer works as kind of a linchpin for orientation for the new rehabilitation center. Delivery and disposal are located in the south-west, additional access for fire trucks will be situated on the new bought area in the north-west. Thereby fire trucks can access also from the north.