project type Masterplan of the Vienna University of Economics

location Vienna, AUT

client Projektgesellschaft Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Neu GmbH

architecture Architects Collective ZT-GmbH

structural consultant Fritsch, Chiari & Partner

landscape architect EGKK

mechanical services Immorent Objekttechnik

competition 2008

floor area 111.000 m²

construction costs € 241.500.000

The design for the new Business School in Vienna consists of five buildings. The ground floor area runs through a 20m wide "boulevard" and opens up to each building via secondary roads and forecourts. A "passage" in the 1st floor connects the main building with bridges and platforms. The individual buildings are meant to be discernible as separate buildings from inside the complex, though once outside, the new University of Economics is presented as a unit by the building’s common language and gesture. The building is arranged into a sophisticated ensemble composed of a variety of living and work spaces with a flowing network of content, features and spaces. The volumes of the campus buildings are low and use a tissue-like structure. At the two main entrances to the west and the east, trees act as volumes and become the main gates of the new business school. The entire area is only for pedestrians, cyclists and emergency vehicles. Vehicle access is via the common underground garage in the East.